Black Lapel Review: The Fresco Edition

black lapel suit with jay butler brown leather tote bag

For years I have begged and pleaded with many, if not all of the custom suit brands you have read about here on The Fine Young Gentleman, to offer their suits in a fresco fabric.  In the past I have waxed poetic on the virtues of fresco so I won’t bore you with that again.  As that is not the most important matter at hand.  What is important is that my calls have been heeded.  And Black Lapel has answered with action.

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Google Review: Trond L. ★★★★★

I ordered a suit online and got it within 3 weeks, possibly due to inaccurate measurements on my side the shoulders of the jacket did not have a great fit and also the pants were not as I had envisioned. I contacted the concierge and got a quick response and good assistance, they remade the jacket as the problem was with the shoulder part and could not be altered and they reimbursed the alterations I needed for the pants.

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