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Google Review: Trond L. ★★★★★

I ordered a suit online and got it within 3 weeks, possibly due to inaccurate measurements on my side the shoulders of the jacket did not have a great fit and also the pants were not as I had envisioned. I contacted the concierge and got a quick response and good assistance, they remade the jacket as the problem was with the shoulder part and could not be altered and they reimbursed the alterations I needed for the pants.

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Google Review: Jovan G. ★★★★★

Great value and service for the price. It didn’t feel cut rate at all. The owners are genuine people who want to offer the best online MTM. If possible, get measured in person at their headquarters. Since they know how the measurements will be used, this will give the best experience. They also make suits for women and trans men who want a masculine cut, so that’s a great bonus.

Google Review: Colton S. ★★★★★

Black Lapel rocks!!!
They take the time to make sure you understand the process and are there to help throughout. I needed to get a few minor adjustments at a local tailor once I got my suit and they helped make the process seamless.

Will definitely be buying my suits here from now on.