Yelp Review: David P. ★★★★★

5/2/2016-All of 4 of my suits (black, light gray, cool gray, and navy) are from BL. As a guy with weird proportions, it’s always been impossible for me to find an OTR suit that fits well without having to do major tailoring work.

Their self-measure system is very intuitive and easy, although it can be intimidating for someone who has never done it before. And if you mess up on your measurements, they have a perfect fit guarantee where they’ll either remake the whole suit for you or compensate you for tailoring work done by another tailor.

While their fabric and suit construction is great, where they REALLY shine is their customer service. Their responses to emails come usually within a 24 hour period, and they often go above and beyond your own requests in order to make sure you get what you want.

I bought a light gray suit from them, and went into their office in Manhattan to try it on. I wore it, and I thought it was all good, but Derek, one of the founders, looked over the suit while I had it on, and pointed out a few areas that could be adjusted to provide a better drape. I didn’t notice that I tend to slouch forward a little bit on my shoulders, and it was creating the smallest amount of wrinkling in the fabric. He really cared about getting the perfect fit for his customers.

I am very particular about the detailing, but I’m not always sure on exactly what I want, so I can tend to shoot multiple emails about a single transaction, before committing to the purchase. The BL concierge team patiently answered all of my questions, and was extremely helpful.

The suits look perfect.

My only knock on BL is that the buckle on their adjusting strap on the back of their vests is of mediocre quality and not very intuitive. Also, I miss their old full canvassing on all of their suits, although I think you may still be able to get it fully canvassed by paying extra.

Other than that, as far as the quality and price goes for a fully MTM suit, BL provides an awesome bang for the buck, and I intend to get all of my future suits from them as well.

I’ve been to the Indochino store here in Philadelphia, and was able to compare their suits with Black Lapel’s, and I will say that Black Lapel, while a bit more expensive, is definitely WAYYY better in terms of quality.