Yelp Review: Blurder M. ★★★★

Overall a decent experience, with room to improve. I went to their showroom to get measured and my first suit came back with a nasty collar gap. I went back to their showroom to complain and they made a remake for me.

The remake is decent – the collar gap is pretty much gone and although I noticed a few new problems (and considered sending it back for a refund), overall it is acceptable for a first custom suit from them. Their customer service does seem to try hard and they are polite and eager to please. Also, I am a bit of a neurotic customer because I am very precise about fit and they dealt with that very carefully.

I didn’t measure myself but took the time to go into their showroom for a professional measurement, so I was disappointed that the first result was so far off (although I understand that a remake is often necessary with MTM, it really shouldn’t be if you are being professionally measured). Also when I went to the showroom the second time, I left my trousers with them to send back to me along with the remake and they charged postage to my credit card for the trousers- which I had no idea they would do. It was weird that they did not charge postage for the remade jacket that I guess came from China, but only for the trousers. Nobody told me that would happen, otherwise I would not have left the trousers. Obviously I did not like that at all, but I will not push back too hard over 11.80. Just be careful that to not do what I did.

Before I order my next suit I am going to back into the showroom and see what tweaks need to be done to get a better result.