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Yelp Review: Douglas K. ★★★★★

12/24/2015-This place definitely knows what they are doing.  Their stylists are skilled and are actually into fashion and know what they are talking about.  I’m surprised how other ‘bespoke/custom’ clothiers actually have no clue what they are doing.  I have a few suits with them and am very happy with the product that I’ve received for the price.  There is nothing better than having a quality suit that fits you well. Continue reading Yelp Review: Douglas K. ★★★★★

Yelp Review: Stephanie K. ★★★★★

12/6/2016-(Written by my husband)

The store where my wife bought her wedding dress offered a free tuxedo to grooms if a dress was purchased there.  I showed up to try on the demo they ordered for me and my heart sank- it looked ridiculous.  I decided then that I was going to buy a tuxedo instead.  Suit Supply was not open yet, so I headed over to J.Crew to check out their formal wear.   Continue reading Yelp Review: Stephanie K. ★★★★★

Yelp Review: Mike M. ★★★★★

11/17/2015-Black Lapel is the gold standard, simple and plain. With an athletic frame, I have a body shape that I’ve found very difficult to properly fit. If the jacket fits in the shoulders, its massive through the midsection, and if it fits in the midsection, I feel like I’m going to rip through the shoulders. After getting a suit from Black Lapel, its safe to say I’ll never be able to go back to off the rack. Continue reading Yelp Review: Mike M. ★★★★★

Yelp Review: Ravi A. ★★★★★

10/30/2015-I had been looking for a suit that fit right for a while to no avail. I thought might as well go made to measure so I did some research and came across Black Lapel. Of course the first thing I did was go to Yelp and saw all of the amazing reviews. The prices online looked very reasonable for made to measure suits. I made an appointment through the website. They have very flexible hours and are open on weekends for anyone who works late on weekdays. Continue reading Yelp Review: Ravi A. ★★★★★