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Yelp Review: Moon K. ★★★★★

6/17/2016-  I received my remake along with 3 blazers today.

The Fit:  Spot On… as if I went to a local bespoke shop.
The Fabric/Feel: Aside from not having a Mill Brand — It feels better than most Vitale Barbaris super 130 and below. (yeah I’m not kidding — it’s very smooth & almost silky) The only complaint i have now is that I have no more room in my closet to hang these gorgeous pieces of clothing.

What I purchased:
–  Grey Shadow Windowpane
–  Cool Grey Linen Blend
–  Light grey with Blue check
–  Delancey Blue Windowpane

I had originally given BL 4 stars based on fabric selection, customization and a general comparison to my local bespoke/M2O experience.  However, as I slipped on each jacket, my jaw muscle refused to be restrained and easily forced a big ol’ smile to my face.

Well done…

Yelp Review: Burton L. ★★★★★

6/9/2016- Thanks to Matthew and the rest of the team at Black Lapel, I had the perfect fit for my wedding tux. Matthew was quite knowledgeable and heard all of my questions and concerns in order to make the fit and style just right. I have had one other made to measure experience, and this far surpassed it. Make the time to visit their showroom for measurements and fittings. You won’t regret it!