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Google Review: Tim L. ★★★★★

I’ve purchased several suits and shirts for work from Black Lapel. The process is great and the quality, fit and price of the clothes is exceptional. I prefer a modern fit that is appropriate for the office at a large financial services firm. Chris understood my needs and helped me select the cuts and fits that Black Lapel offers. Even better than the quality of the fit is the style advice that comes with the service.

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Google Review: David C. ★★★★★

First want to say I do not understand how anyone could give a bad review due to service.

I have purchased several suits from Black Lapel and each time both the service and fit have gotten better and at this point, it’s perfect. One has to understand the nature of getting a MTM suit. Body changes, people gain/lose weight but each of my suits, everyone that I have worked with (particularly Christine and Frank) made 100% sure I had the perfect fit I was looking for. Christine reviewed every crease to ensure the fit was spot on. Frank went as far as to remeasure me and took my original suits back for alterations to ensure all my suits fit perfectly, and now they all do.

I highly recommend Black Lapel. If you take the time to understand the process, they will not only work with you but they will make sure your suit fits the way it’s intended to and for me that’s perfect.

Google Review: Mac C. ★★★★★

After using their self measurement tutorials I received a near perfect suit. My only issue was the pants were about half an inch too long. I believe this was my fault more than anything else. Their perfect fit policy would have taken care of this issue for free but I was in a pinch for time and went to a local tailor instead. Even the tailor noted how well built the pants were when I took them in. Overall, I couldn’t be happier with my experience and I will be ordering my next suit form Black Lapel.